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Indy Axis

Network Currently Under Construction

Indy Axis is managed by Intraspire, an Austin-based SEO & Web Design Company dedicated to building a network of properties that empower businesses.

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Indy Axis will connect business experience in the Indianapolis & Austin area.



Intraspire powers all of our brands with professionals writing experience, insightful content.


Constantly innovating new ways to connect people and fill boxes with placeholder text that resonates.

IndyAxis: Access Independence

Improve & Move In the Right Direction

Indy Axis will be an important property in the Intraspire Network. Until we launch, we’ll be filling these text boxes with statements that have no meaning.  If you are interested in learning more about the Indy Axis project, simply email us at or reach out to our WordPress SEO company.

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Accounts will be available in the future, but you can’t sign up for anything quite yet. 

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If you are interested in speaking with the people behind this project, contact This section is currently under construction.

Designing & Developing

Connecting Businesses with SEO

As mentioned, we are still very much in development, but we plan on designing a way for you to connect soon. Please check back soon!

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Web 3.0 Revolution

Indy Axis Logo | Connecting Austin & Indianapolis

We have partnered with a variety of businesses to build a network that connects Indianapolis & Austin remote workers.

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